RHCE # Week # 281


You have a default Red Hat 7.x workstation. Your lilo.conf contains the following lines
This means that:
A. password is needed to proceed beyond LILO at every bootup
B. A password is needed to drop to single user mode
C. Logins are restricted to user foo123
D. None of the above


The "restricted" directive forces LILO to prompt for a password whenever booting into the non-default runlevel. In RedHat 7.x, the default runlevel is 5. The single user mode is at runlevel 1.

If the "restricted" directive was absent, then a password would have been needed to proceed beyond the LILO prompt at each bootup. For this reason, option A is wrong. LILO does not include a user authentication process. For this reason, option C is wrong. Obviously option D is also wrong.

Answer: B